Stadler –
from Bussnang to the World


from Bussnang to the world

There was a time when the Swiss railway industry was the number one in the world. And that time has returned. Famous names such as SLM, Sécheron, SIG and MFO have long been consigned to the  history books, and now a new name is making waves in the world of railways: Stadler.

During the Second World War, Ernst Stadler founded an engineering firm in Zurich that established itself as a niche player in the railway industry. This company went on to write a unique new chapter in the history of Swiss industry starting in 1989.

The aim of this book is not to retell the entire story of Stadler, but to tell a selection of individual stories about the key developments that all combined to make Stadler what is it today.

One of the most important of these developments happened in 1989: Peter Spuhler, who had just turned 30, acquired the company, which had 18 employees at the time. The GTW, or articulated multiple unit, was the first train it developed. This train sold well and was the catalyst for Stadler’s rapid growth.

The small railway manufacturer from Bussnang in the Swiss canton of Thurgau has since grown into a global company that produces one of the world’s most popular regional trains, the FLIRT, which can also be configured as an intercity train. It also produces a wide range of rail vehicles, from metros and trams for urban centres to high-speed trains and powerful mainline locomotives.

In spite of all this, the tailor-made philosophy is still at the heart of everything Stadler does – if the vehicle a customer needs doesn’t exist, Stadler will work with them to create precisely the solution they require.

About the Author

Philipp Landmark has worked as a journalist since 1985. At Schaffhauser Nachrichten (from 1987 to 1992 as an intern and editor and from 1999 to 2006 as a member of the editorial board) he dealt, among other things, with questions of public transport.

Since then he has also been a member of BahnJournalisten Schweiz (Swiss Public Transport Journalists and Spokespersons). In 1993, Landmark was a correspondent in Oslo, and in 1994 he joined Linth-Zeitung (Rapperswil), where he became editor-in-chief in 1995. In 2006, he moved to St. Galler Tagblatt as head of the city news department, where he hen served as editor-in-chief and member of the management board from 2009 to 2016.

In 2017, he founded Landmark Media GmbH, which offers consulting services in the communications sector, among other things. He also continues to be active in publishing and journalism. Landmark is married and has a daughter.

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